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Too Much Too Young? - Was Davison's Doctor the most 'heroic' of all? Philip MacDonald thinks so

The Fifth Doctor on Television


In Production - Ups and downs in Tom Baker's wake. The making of Season 19

The Stories - In which Tegan is possessed, the Doctor plays with fire, Nyssa discovers herself, and Adric eats all the pies


In Production - Better the devils you know? The making of Season 20

The Stories - In which the Doctor goes home, Tegan is taken hostage, Nyssa looses her skirt, and Turlough talks to his hand


In Production - A lot of good people died. Some of them during the making of Season 21

The Stories - In which Davros is thawed, Chandler is awed, Kamelion is ignored, and Peri comes on board

Further Adventures

The Fifth Doctor on audio - Gary Gillatt cocks an ear to Davison's audio exploits

The Fifth Doctor in books - Matt Michael pores over Doctor Five's novel escapades

The Fifth Doctor in comics - Scott Gray considers the Fifth Doctor's comic strip innings

Afterword by Peter Davison - The Man who was the Fifth Doctor reflects upon his time in the TARDIS

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