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Revolution #9 – The Christopher Eccleston Interview: It's the one you've been waiting for – the first in-depth interview with the Ninth Doctor's alter ego, Christopher Eccleston! Who were his favourite Doctors? Where would he like the TARDIS to land? Will he wear a scarf? Let's see...

The Fact of Fiction – The Mark of the Rani: Life in a Northern Town - Three Time Lords converging on a small 19th century mining village – what are the chances of that happening, eh?

The Telesnap Archive – Marco Polo (Part 2): The Singing Sands - Tegana is preparing a poisonous plan, while Susan gets a little sand between her toes! Our Telesnap Archive presents the second episode of the lost 1964 classic.

Comic Strip – Sins of the Fathers (Part 1): Flying Fish - Destrii's receiving much-needed treatment in hospital, but somebody else has plans for her - and they don't involve a relaxing lie-down and a bunch of grapes!

The TARDIS Outside In (Part 2): Having behaved erratically throughout the 1960s, the TARDIS came down to Earth with a bump in 1970. In part two of his user's manual, Gareth Roberts checks that his relative dimensional stabiliser, dematerialisation circuits and Randomiser are all functioning properly…

Master Class: DWM catches up with prolific Doctor Who author David A McIntee as we preview his latest BBC Books novel, The Eleventh Tiger.

Regulars: Gallifrey Guardian, What the Papers Said, DWMail, Coming up…, DWM Reviews, Production Notes #3 – Coffee and TV – with Russell T Davies







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