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The Complete Eighth Doctor Comic Strips, Volume Four

"Now travelling alone, the Doctor finds himself facing an outlandish line-up of aliens, monsters and ne’er-do-wells – from a lovelorn robot to murderous football managers, from a psychotic hippo to an urban legend of old London town! But that’s nothing to the trouble in store when an old friend crosses his path – and they both find themselves battling the deadly Cybermen for the future of the human race …"


  1. Where Nobody Knows Your Name, from Doctor Who Magazine #329
  2. Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game, from Doctor Who Magazine #330-332
  3. The Power of Thoueris!, from Doctor Who Magazine #333
  4. The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack, from Doctor Who Magazine #334-336
  5. The Land of Happy Endings, from Doctor Who Magazine #337
  6. Bad Blood, from Doctor Who Magazine #338-342
  7. Sins of the Father, from Doctor Who Magazine #343-345
  8. The Flood, from Doctor Who Magazine #346-353

The final collection of eighth Doctor strips. It includes extended endings for Sins of the Father and The Flood which were not in the original versions. The Land of Happy Endings commemorated TV Comic, and reintroduced for a single story the Doctor's grandchildren from TV Comic, John and Gillian. With the story after The Flood being the first to feature the ninth Doctor, who had just debuted on TV, the comic strip leaves the circumstances by which the companion Destrii leaves the TARDIS unrevealed.

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