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The Fourth Doctor, Volume Two

"In these fast paced adventures through time and space, our hero must contend with old enemies – the emotionless Cybermen and the warlike Sontarans – as well as an amazing array of new intergalactic foes – including the ancient Gods of Olympus, a cannibal street gang, mythical warriors from another dimension and a race of psychic vampires – with only the loyal companion Sharon, the robot dog K9 and his trusty TARDIS to aid him in the battle to save the Universe!"


  1. Dragon's Claw, from Doctor Who Weekly #39-45
  2. The Collector, from Doctor Who Monthly #46
  3. Dreamers of Death, from Doctor Who Monthly #47-48
  4. The Life Bringer, from Doctor Who Monthly #49-50
  5. War of the Words, from Doctor Who Monthly #51
  6. Spider-God, from Doctor Who Monthly #52
  7. The Deal, from Doctor Who Monthly #53
  8. End of the Line, from Doctor Who Monthly #54-55
  9. The Free-Fall Warriors, from Doctor Who Monthly #56-57
  10. Junkyard Demon, from Doctor Who Monthly #58-59
  11. The Neutron Knights, from Doctor Who Monthly #60

Sharon Davies departed the TARDIS at the end of Dreamers of Death, and K-9's last appearance was in The Life Bringer, as the character had also left the TV show. The Free-Fall Warriors story introduced Ivan Asimoff, who would return in the sixth Doctor story Poly the Glot and have his own comic strip in the Doctor Who Summer Special 1982, and also introduced the eponymous Free-Fall Warriors, who would likewise get their own strip in Doctor Who Summer Special 1982, and an origin story in the first few issues of Captain Britain. Both would also turn up again in cameo in the seventh Doctor story, Party Animals. Junkyard Demon had a sequel, Junkyard Demon II, in Doctor Who Yearbook 1996. The Neutron Knights introduced Merlin, who would soon return in the fifth Doctor strip The Tides of Time; this same version of Merlin would appear as one of Merlyn's many forms in The Daredevils #1, then again in Captain Britain and MI13 #3.

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