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When the extremely popular fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, left Doctor Who, producer John Nathan-Turner, aware that due to Baker's exceptionally long run on the show younger viewers might be unaware of the Doctor's past incarnations and unused to the concept of the Doctor regenerating, arranged for an unprecedented repeat run of past Doctor Who stories, one for each past Doctor plus the ten anniversary story The Three Doctors, collectively titled The Five Faces of Doctor Who. Baker's final story was repeated, so that the incoming Peter Davison appeared at the very end of the repeat run, providing the title's fifth face and leading into the new Doctor's first season, which began airing within a few weeks of the repeats concluding. Capitalising on the publicity this generated and newfound fan interest in past Doctors, World Distributors released a collection of stories from their Doctor Who Annuals as Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space, a bumper volume three times as large as the regular annuals. It also included two prose tales previously only available in the limited release promotional item The Amazing World of Doctor Who. Its success was such that three years later, when Davison was replaced by Colin Baker on TV, a similar volume was released, Doctor Who - Journey Through Time, reprinting the contents of Adventures in Time with additional fifth and sixth Doctor stories from the 1983-1985 annuals.


Prose stories

  1. Ten Fathom Pirates
  2. Peril in Mechanistra
  3. Death to Mufl
  4. Mastermind of Space
  5. Hunt to the Death
  6. Fugitives from Chance
  7. The Claw
  8. Saucer of Fate
  9. The Sleeping Beast
  10. A New Life (from Doctor Who Annual 1976)
  11. Double Trouble!
  12. The Time Snatch
  13. War on Aquatica
  14. The Sinister Sponge
  15. The Vampires of Crellium
  16. On the Slippery Trail
  17. A New Life (from Doctor Who Annual 1978)
  18. Flashback
  19. The Planet of Dust

Comic strips

  1. Mission for Duh
  2. The Vampire Plants
  3. Dead on Arrival
  4. Menace on Metalupiter
  5. The Traitor
  6. The Power
  7. Emsone's Castle

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