Who wants Dr Strange to return to his old "Classic" self?

#1 Posted by SithLantern93 (2427 posts) - - Show Bio
#2 Posted by Dernman (17133 posts) - - Show Bio

Do you mean Sorcerer Supreme self or classic over powered take down eternity self?

#3 Posted by JediXMan (32187 posts) - - Show Bio

@Dernman said:

Do you mean Sorcerer Supreme self or classic over powered take down eternity self?

This is what I'm wondering. I'm all for him returning to his status as Sorcerer Supreme. But Classic is just too powerful. That's why we've since left SA Superman and Classic Fate in the past where they belong.

#4 Posted by Deadcool (6897 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't like overpowered characters, even the current Sorcerer Supreme was too powerful, he is cool as help, he was a frequent character during JMS run in Spider-man and pre-civil war Avengers, bur reading a comic about Dr Strange would be kind of tedious.

Current Strange still helping characters and iis not as almighty as he used to be, maybe that could help the character to have more power in a different way, until he doesn't need the eye of agamotto anymore.

#5 Posted by Danial79 (2517 posts) - - Show Bio

I like his Sorcerer Supreme garb, but I think his power level is better where it is now. As the other have said, over-powered characters are boring.

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