what race is stephen strange

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i always wanted to know this......

strange has always looked similar IMO to Tony......
you can easily see the resemblance between Stark and Strange

and i never really fiind out what race Stark is..  Tony seems to be Italian, maybe hispanic, idk

but what race is Dr. Strange.....?? if anyone knows

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ive always thought he was just white.

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Idk, English?

And Stark could be a mix of things, but it's primarily German. 
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He's white, same as Stark.
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@DH69 said:

ive always thought he was just white.


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I think he's italian or hispanic of some sort. Maybe on his mother's side, so he doesn't have the name. Or he could be German, not sure. . . Huh. . . 

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A quick search of his last name shows that every notable person with the last name Strange is American, Canadian, British, or Irish. It was also apparently a barony in England in the past. I would assume at least some of his ancestry is from one of those areas. As for the rest, I really don't know. I can remember instances of his past being referenced in comics, but never in very much detail.

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The Strange Family hail from Nebraska, Stephen was born in Philadelphia and the family returned to their nebraska farm, where they had a daughter and another son, their is no meniton of any ties to italian or any roots, so from this I guess we take it that the Strange family are white American.

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yes human and american...
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egg and spoon...

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There doesn't seem to be any conclusive evidence of what his origin is despite having established though now deceased, but I did find this while searching,
which may at least be plausible considering there was a real life Dr.Strange from this line?
Strange Family Crest And History

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@Final Arrow: yeah so thats white...

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@fesak said:


^this... when you ask for race i thought it was something abut alien / interdimensional race... because you know his magic

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How come people were giving answers like "german" and "italian"

they asked what race not nationality

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

egg and spoon...
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I hate when you say race and then people think aliens\human like they don't know what the OP meant.

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black obvi

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@herrweis said:

How come people were giving answers like "german" and "italian"

they asked what race not nationality

Maybe because German is an ethnicity?

German is more of an actual ethnicity than White is. White just like Asian & Black is just some pan ethnic term created in the new world. It has no scientific basis. For example both Italians and Russians are considered "White"but neither of them have anything to do with each other genetically. Russians cluster on genetic maps far apart from Italians. White was just created to make things simpler in multiethnic nations like America but its not really a "ethnic group" as the term includes many different people of different cultures different genetic haplogroups languages etc. No such thing as one white culture or one white ethnicity.

Anyway Doctor Strange is probably just a regular old Anglo-American (English) like the majority of the White superheros.

But his look changes so much depended on the artist its hard to tell like most superheroes. One minute he looks like a WASP the next he looks like a Sicilian lol

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He is ethnically German, racially white, and human in terms of species. He's also American in terms of Nationality, a native New Yorker in terms of domiciliary status, and a resident of Greenwich Village (where NYU is). Hope that helps.


616 Iron Man is English and white. 1610 Iron Man is white Hispanic.

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