What is annoying about today's modern depiction of Doctor Strange

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Why does Marvel keep making him look like an absolute, sick minded pervert? It's like they couldn't do bad enough when they stripped him of his long time Sorcerer Supreme title and gave it to Brother Voodoo (who they killed off, wth and just as much of a wrongdoing to Drumm) but nowadays are stripping him of any dignity he had left.

When he first was created, Stephen Strange was originally shown as a gentleman, a suave style kind of guy with class. Now look at him.

I think it's an out-and-out injustice what they've done to him since HoM. The man who we came to love in Strange Tales for so many years, the cornerstone magic hero of the Marvel universe, has been reduced to debauchery and unfunny comedy sideshows.

Strange fans are running out of patience. Put the man back on the mighty pedestal he once was at, and give us our supernatural comics again. Enough is enough!

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@OmegaHans Where are they portraying him as a pervert? I've been reading him in The Defenders and I didn't see him as a perv. Can you explain to me please?
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He needs a new solo book when Marvel now comes around.

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