So where is Dr. Strange the monthly series?

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Folks, I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Strange. The recent Fever mini-series with Spiderman however sucks. It just is not good, and I think Dr. Strange could carry his own ongoing series if his comic was done correctly. What would it take to get him into the MArvel spotlight and start his own series?

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He recently had a 4-issue mini series, with an extra one-shot afterwards.  However, I can't see any plans for an on-going... From past volumes, I'd say that he couldn't carry enough sales on a regular basis.

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wonderfull question... 
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He really has been having sales problems, as did Dr. Voodoo, sadly.  If Voodoo can't pick up numbers coming out of a mini-event, and fighting Doctor Doom... he doesn't deserve a series. 
That said, it'd be nice if Marvel could get some kind of occult/monsters book off the ground. 
The upcoming Dr. Strange movie would be a good way to do so, I think.  Start w/ an arc about him getting the eye back, perhaps with a Ghost Rider backup story or something; then maybe have him help out that girl from the miniseries.  Also, give him some easier to understand villains.  Having him fight demons with ill defined powers is a bit weak. 
Unless we know what Strange can do, he shouldn't have his own book. 
Maybe break the Hood out of Jail?  He could be a good main Strange villain...

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I would love a Dr. Strange monthly series

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What do you guys think they should do to give him a better chance at holding down an ongoing series?

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He will be coming out in Defenders.

Not quite sure if his own ongoing would be much of a success.

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This is indeed a good question. I think its something to do with both exposure and also to do with the content of the stories. A lot has been said about Strange's magic being used as a Deus Ex Machina. This is more to do with the choice by the writers than anything else - Bendis, for example, uses poorly researched and newly created "ideas" for Doctor Strange, without appropriately looking back through the "Rules" that were laid down.

For example, Holistic magic would indeed be magic that basically infuses itself with Water. Its not another name for Natural Remedies. This is clearly a point of contention for me.

Another rule that was Established long ago was that its more difficult and taxing for Strange to teleport in one dimension than it is to teleport to another dimension. As I am already with the example of Bendis, I'll follow through - So many writers want to define and re contextualise the magical abilities of magic characters that they end up in a muddy quagmire of misunderstanding and incomplete power sets. Strange has been constantly built into this magical God who relies heavily on Bolts of Bedevilment and Shield fists, when in reality Roy Thomas, Stan Lee and those first few writers who worked on him made him a clever man who out-thought and tricked his enemies, a true magician.

This turning up to say there is no Chaos Magic with glowing big white eye of Agamotto and basically appearing to make everything back the way it was, is simply daft and poor writing. It shouldn't be reflective of Strange as a character.

That said, he's always had trouble with maintaining a series. David Quinn did a fun job of trying to make him more relevant to the world again in Vol 3 of the series just before Ellis took over. Qunn and Ellis gave us some of the more interesting Strange stories in his recent history. The problem, really, boils down to not knowing what to do with him properly, and not knowing how to handle his character, or how to expose him. Having him appear, regularly, in other titles he wouldn't necessarily appear in, for example, popping up for a two week story in X-Men, followed by a three month story in Avengers, and then a guest-appearance in Hulk or something, would get people what aren't they interested in him, more interested, then you could launch a series from there. Instead, we get bugger all marketing, and then a poorly received series that flies under the radar and everyone at Marvel goes "Oh well. Strange can't do it for us. Sign us up for a Wolverine series involving him flying to Mars and making love to a mountain range."

I have no doubt that come the return to the Defenders series to the shelves, we'll either have it cancelled within a few storylines, or we'll get some supplemental mini's or One-shots blurting out featuring the Iron Fist doing Aunt Mays Ironing, or Doctor Strange coming to remove a Mindless ones Pancreas or something.

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