Scott Derrickson to Work on Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange

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@jonny_anonymous: Well, horror films is a good pedigree for a Strange movie director. Only saw Day the Earth Stood Still, though, and that was kinda.. eh. Still gonna give the dude a shot though.

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The Russos' last movie befire T.W.S. was You, Me and Dupree.

Then they knocked out arguably the best superhero movie ever. Don't you see? It's not about who directs. If you're a competent director, you'll work. Marvel Studios have an idea of what they want and they want directors to seemingly do as told. To me, it's worked for every movie except Iron Man 3.

Funny enough, that movie felt like a Shane Black movie, and I hated it. None of the others feel like they were made by a specific director. Marvel Studios being control freaks has worked so far. Derrickson is just a puzzle piece.

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@lcazt1996: Thanks friend. That actually makes more sense and is also quite plausible. Hope they atleast make some news at Comic-con.

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Aidan Gillen for the lead role maybe?

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Now if we can get the actor cast.

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How about every single time Peter spoke with Aunt May or MJ?

That time when Green Goblin attacks Aunt May and she starts screaming quotes from the bible ugh so. so. bad.

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