Rumors of a Dr. Strange movie how would you like it done?

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I would like it to open were Dr. Strange is sorcerer supreme, him and Wong get to perform a few exorcisms and things to that nature. Then Barron Mordo begins to surface and that Starts the flash backs to his origins being a surgeon, his accident, searching for the ancient one, meeting Mordo, his training, being low level sorcerer and serving the Ancient One, his first clash with Mordo, the ancient ones death, his rise to sorcerer supreme. All of the flashbacks are happening while the main story is going on the are triggered by certain things and objects. The main plot is Mordo is trying to summon Dormammuto take over the Earth, and Dr. Strange has to stop Mordo. 

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I'd like it where we start without Doc's origins. Show it in innuendo or flashbacks, reavling the secret and his mystery. 

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