How strong was Dr. Strange at his peak?

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How strong was Dr. Strange at his peak?

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I'd like to know too, Scan would be appreciated.

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He was tangling with, like, universal level beings every other issue at his peak, I believe.

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Probably top tier at his best maybe. It just decides what writer is using him and whether or not they decide to have him job to everybody he faces

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Stalemating eternity should give you a good idea...

#6 Posted by beautifulrevery (1523 posts) - - Show Bio

The Living Tribunal itself acknowledged his power. That's a high end feat if I ever saw one.

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I estimate he could probably bench press about 185 lbs. max.

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He was ridiculously powerful.

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A living deus ex machina.

The ultimate solution to any problem, cosmic or otherwise.

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