HELL YEAH! *Spoilers* All Doctor Strange fans should come.

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I haven't been this excited since Bucky got his own series. But the Doctor is back in the house! 

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Hell Yeah!

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about damn time.

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Now I just want to hear about his movie. 

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When he summed the eye of agamote a little while ago i thought he was already the SS just not officially.

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Yes yes yes! Who gave him his Sorcerer Supreme title back?

#7 Posted by evilvegeta74 (4672 posts) - - Show Bio

I wanna know too.

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They obviously are playing to make the Avengers even more power heavy.

The Avengers are stealing members from the FF and the X-Men, and even as they get more super powered, they still get their buck kicked as much as Flamebird? Remind me why Ultron is scary again?

Age of Ultron 1

Darkseid can be beaten off by seven, freshly teamed up heroes, (with one rookie), yet a robot can take so many teams of Avengers who know each other.

Pro DC here, but good news for Strage

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really wish it went to someone else ,

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Is this in New Avengers #34 ?

#14 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (41760 posts) - - Show Bio

means nothing

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@gamerzdu04: when did strange lose the title ??? also doe he again or regain anything with the tite ?...and the new costume with the cape is badass.

@krspaceT: He scary cause he has all the bling.

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Why? Brother Voodoo was such a better idea....

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Don't understand why it was taken from him in the first place.

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They kind of spoiled that in the solicitations for February's New Avengers 3.

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Maybe it's because he went off into space took control of the phanlax, f&^#ed over the Kree hard, & as of Age of Ultron is building a million versions of him to lead a charge in taking over the world? Sorry the Avengers can't be as overpowered & overrated as The Justice League.

Also The Justice League is having trouble against Cheetah. Cheetah! are you kidding me!?

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@Gambit1024 said:

Don't understand why it was taken from him in the first place.

using powerful bak magics and letting himself be possessed by zom

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@gambit1024 said:

Don't understand why it was taken from him in the first place.

I remember how he lost his title. From his wiki page: Meanwhile, the Principalities of various mystic realms faced the War of the Seven Spheres, a cataclysmic clash with opposing entities that was expected to last five thousand years. Several of them, including the Vishanti, attempted to enlist allies such as Strange, but Strange refused to abandon his earthly duties and, being no match for the godlike Principalities, renounced the use of their mystic energies.

When the Vishanti his mystical patrons, came to recruit him. He said he would be honored to serve, but asked how long his service would be required. They told a couple of thousand years, he was like WTF. They told him they could extend his life span. He told them, that he could not leave Earth without his mystical protection for so long. They pulled away their granted powers from him. He retained the title of Master of the Mystic Arts. He had to research another type of magic, to gain more power. Funny though the Vishanti eventually came back, and didn't give him a choice this time. After a thousand years of fighting as a foot soldier, they dropped him back on Earth a few months after he left. They did not give him his original powers back. This all happened back in the 90s in his title in issue 49.

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