Dr.Strange is my father.

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Hi people.

Alas, Stephen is my dear father , and he refuses to  tell me (his own kin) just how many appearances / one-offs / specials / series / cameos / or basically EVERY comic / book or publication he has been in............I have so far managed to glean from his old dusty papers in our attic in Sanctorum these : strange tales #110-168 / #182-188  #1-19 / dr.strange vol 1#169-183 / marvel premiere #3-14 / dr.strange vol 2 #1-81 / dr.strange vol 3 #1-90 - all I would adore and relish is a SIMPLE list of ALL his appearances , whomsoever is 1st with the reply , I shall invite over for tea with us - you will have to excuse the mess though.

Michael Strange.

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Good day to you ( smasher of suns )

Many thanks for your swift retort , and fairly concise reply.

You mention "a work in progress" .. does this indicate a search is underway for any other issues and appearances dad has been in?

It mentions in dads rather scant biography that he appears 1039 times , would this figure relate to to picture list you posted / and underneath each cover photograph is a number and the word "issue" , does this relate to thre series and how many dad appeared in?

You truly are a STAR.

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Haha... yea the numbers under each cover indicates how many times he appeared in that volume. Its a work in progress because not every Dr. Strange appearance has been indexed, thats the best number we've got so far.

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Thx again splintered big-hot-thing.

The indexing list is great - in fact this whole site is neato - will the list be updated as new issues and appearances become known?

caio berollio

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Yes as long as people add the new issues & appearances, you can add & edit any other missing issues also.

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Wow thx again kaput sonne.

I did just notice another 5 issues being added onto the numbers that appear under dad's profile.

Would these be 2008 one's or just random's that people have just found out?

Thats what you mean by on going.........

You are just FAB ! ....  i think im in love ......

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p.s .. my HOT blog,,tee hee hee

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Finally finally i managed to get hold of strange tales #110 ! .. was'nt blooming cheap either !!!!
The 1st time my pa appears , and boy has he changed since those heady days...he still sometimes sneaks into my dreams ( sneak sneak ! .. in the style of gollum,,lol )
I tell him .. "look dad,,bog off , i nearly got off with storm then,,till you started spouting about crimson bands and bloody amulets ! "

..still he's alright for an old sorceror supreme..lol

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