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The master of magic, the (true) sorcerer supreme.... Doctor strange!   Strange is quite possibly one of the most powerful Humans in all of existence.  Unfortunately, Due to poor writing he hasn’t taken his rightful place as an A-list character. Anyway this is a thread to express your love of Doctor strange.   


list of doctor stranges feats (if you can think of anymore Tell me)

he performed open heart surgery on eternity 
Stood up to the living tribunal and Forced him to overturn His decision to destroy earth
Battled and defeated the in-betweener 
Eternity Said that Doctor strange Was The one man he could trust to be his avatar. 
Galactus came to him for help, because he stated that strange was "The One mortal whom he had respect for" 
Mind-raped Galactus 
held off Adam warlock and the Infinity gauntlet.  
Doctor doom came to strange for help retrieving his mothers Soul 
Broke the enchantment keeping mjonjir with Thor (which would imply he had the power to Overcome Odin)     

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