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As I understand it, when Strange mastered the mystic arts, the Ancient One told him that his hands could never again be used for surgery. This always seemed rather vague to me, since he has no problem forming complicated hand seals, even ones that just shouldn't be physically possible for human beings. Now I just read a scan of him considering performing brain surgery on Wong, and his hands begin shaking uncontrollably, to the point he can't even hold a bottle. My question is: What's up with that?

Is it some kind of spell? A curse? A trade off for his magical abilities? Has it ever been further elaborated on exactly WHY he can't use his hands for surgery? Why do his hands begin shaking like that? Is it perhaps psychological in some way? Etc. Any Doctor Strange fan(atic) out there that can elaborate on this? The more specific, the better.

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Since you said his hands were shaking, it's more than likely a psychological thing. While he can perform complicated hand signs, maybe his brain can't register anything involving brain surgery or something like that.

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@JonSmith: That's an interesting question.

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