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Strangely Entertaining

This is a rather good, mostly self-contained, story from beginning to end. For those who don't spend much time with Dr. Strange, this is a pretty good place to start. He does deal with the occult at times, which gets a bit weird, but it's no Sandman or Swamp Thing, so it's fairly tame in comparison. The story is a follow-up to a major event of Strange's life: having sacrificed a number of his powerful talismans and amulets in a recent battle with a major villain, Strange returns to find all the ancient enchantments preventing the Ancient Evil Ones from invading Earth are gone - the world is in serious trouble. Making things worse, Strange soon starts on the downward path to being a black magician, no longer fit to wear the Eye of Agamotto or use the spells he has grown accustomed to for so long. He needs to restart his career, re-find himself, and re-discover what his life and purpose are: all the while making up for wrongs against friends and loved ones and, oh yes, preventing the darkest, most powerful evils ever from destroying the world. All this in 20 12-page increments. Though some of the issues end somewhat abruptly, readers can go into this with great confidence it is an impressive, enjoyable story with a satisfactory conclusion. Artistically, it has the '80s written all over it, marking the end of the Jim Shooter era of Marvel and the beginning of the Tom DeFalco era (so still within the general second "golden age" high-water period of Marvel). I enjoy that, but others may not. I was glad to have read this.


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