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The Midnight Sons get ready for the next attack in the Mansion. Meanwhile the Lilin Scatter enters the mansion. Blaze and Vengeance try to stop Scatter with hellfire and a bone whip but nothing. The Lilin appears to scatter the minds of everyone else in the mansion. Vicki Montesi loses it and thinks you can destroy the Lilin. Wong tries to calm her bu she thinks he is Chthon.

Ghost Rider, Blaze, and Vengeance go after Scatter.

Doctor Strange then calms Montesi into a deep sleep and has Sam transport her to a safe location. Doctor Strange then tries to block the Mist and the Lilin. But Something is trying to break threw into the world with Doctor Strange as the door way. Something sabotages's Stevens manipulation. Scatter warps the minds of th eother Midnight sons with bad memories of the past. Meanwhile Sister Nil sneaks into the mansion. Else where in the mansion Morbius tries to get away from a vengeful Blade. Doctor Strange mentally links with Morbius seeing that he still has some Lilin blood in him he is ammune to Scatter's power and Sister Nil. Sister Nil then kills Wong's wife Imei. Morbius then attacks Sister Nil while not looking and Doctor Strange finishes her off. Wong demands Doctor Strange to transport him away from the attack. He leaves Doctor Strange angry with his dad wife in his hands.

At the end, Strange tries one more time to stop the Lilin from Entering but fails as the mansion explodes. The Lilin attack the Midnight Sons.

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