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Super-shiny cool foil embossed cover.

Dr. Strange assembles a new team of Secret Defenders- Hulk, Silver Surfer, and Ghost Rider then teleport to the citadel of Dormammu. They fight through a cavalcade of mindless ones until they get to the G'uranthic Guardian. Hulk distracts the Guardian while the Surfer searches for Clea who is being held captive by Dormammu Faye Ray style.

Ghost Rider grants his powers to Dr. Strange who then takes on Dormammu one on one. Dormammu strangles Strange who then takes an astral form and enters Dormammu and enters the core of his being. Surfer frees Clea while Strange confronts the essence of Dormammu. Dormammu explains the necessity of his existence and then warps Strange's astral form. Strange hits Dormammu with the eye of Agamatto in a last ditch effort while Clea, Surfer, Hulk, and Strange's physical form all hit Dormammu's physical form at the same time, sending him reeling. Dormammu gives the Defenders credit for their victory and pledges to return at a later day.

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