twofacedjoker's Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment #1 - Triumph and Torment review

The Doctors Are In

Being upheld as one of the best Doctor Strange stories, this definitely delivers when it comes to a great, compact story that goes into depth about both the good doctor and the complex Doctor Doom, giving readers a deeper look in a man who generally masks his true intentions from the world.

Both doctors have moments of character building, although Doom seems to have the bulk of this, as Strange's origin story is something touched on much more frequently, whereas I was not so familiar with the past of Victor's family. There's some great twists over the course of the narrative, although nothing overly surprising, and the visuals are fantastic. There are a few additional comics added to extend the book's length, but most of them are connected rather loosely. However, these are not unwarranted entirely, and are nice additions.

If you're a fan of either of these characters, this is something that you should definitely read, if not own, although you may have a hard time tracking it down.


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