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Doctor Norton has survived his brush with death and emerged with new resolve to find some way to bring Joe Ledger out of his coma. He confronts General Bradley with an ultimatum, demanding access to all of Joe Ledger's background and files or that he will instigate a congressional hearing into the military's secret super powered warriors projects. With the information he gains, he pays a visit to Joe's childhood sweetheart, Amanda. Amanda tells the story of how she and Joe hunted down his stepfather after his mother's death. Eddie reveals the harsh truth that Joe's mother was a prostitute before he married her, and that a few months before her death she had gone back into the business, provoking him to leave her. Eddie blames his wife's downward spiral and murder on Joe's departure. Joe murders him on the spot over Amanda's objections. Having found his mother's client ledger, Joe hunts down her last client and shoots him in cold blood, then burns his childhood home to the ground. As Norton wraps up his interview with Amanda, he learns that her son Jordan is Joe's child, from their single encounter as teenagers.

The mysterious cabal that blackmailed Penny and bribed hospital security guard Tony sneaks into the hospital and starts the killing. Even Tony gets a shell to the head a payment for his questionable loyalties. As the issue wraps up, the cabal spirits Joe's body away from the hospital.

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