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Joe Ledger continues to travel the corridors of his memories, once again opening the door leading to a memory of a young child he killed in Colombia while fighting a secret war against a drug cartel. He recalls the incident where his team stumbled upon drug cartel soldiers interrogating the child's mother. Intending to save her life, in the chaos, his own team shot and killed the woman before killing all of the soldiers. When the grief-stricken child grabs a submachine gun looking for revenge, Ledger sees himself facing down his demons as a child, but kills him to protect his squad. After a confrontation with his squad-mate who shot the woman, Ledger is sent home and finds his own mother dead in their home.

Doctor Norton's nurse Penny Edmonson is blackmailed into revealing information about Ledger by an unknown group leveraging her late night affair with a coworker. She nearly confides in Norton, but decides the risk to her personal life is too great. Norton suffers a heart attack and Penny finds him slumped in a chair in his office.

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