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With his beloved Gail's life hanging in the balance, the Man of the Atom faces his archenemy Nuro's Nuclear Ninja-warriors skilled in the arts of stealth, deception . . . and death. It's martial-arts mayhem on a cosmic scale! Plus, the astonishing origin of the Man of the Atom continues! In the searing ergozone of a black hole, all of time and space is laid bare to Dr. Phillip Solar. World War III is imminent. So is the death of his eleven-year-old sister . . . If only he could do something! But maybe he can . . .

This is another two part story from Jim Shooter. In the present day story, we see Doctor Solar take on an enemy that's been sent by his enemy Nuro. Can Dr. Solar defeat this villain and save the life of Gail Sanders?

In part two, we see more of Dr Solar's origin. We see his childhood growing up during the 1960's and what drove him to become the scientist he is today.

**note** The table of contents lists the first story as "Revelation Part Two: That Dreadful Day" but the first page of the story has the title as "Revelation Part Two: ...That Fateful Day..."

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