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Dr. Silence ceases to exist if he sees his own naked face. He obtained this condition when he was young and stupid and visited a brothel.
Dr. Silence purchased the Painting That Ate Paris, which still contained Mr. Nobody and the first Brotherhood of Dada. He noticed a tiny blotch on it...this blotch gradually obsessed him, and grew to cover the entire painting. Dr. Silence tried to destroy it with acid, but when a voice emanated from the painting, causing him to drop the acid and flee.
One day, Agent "!", Alias the Blur, and the Love Glove showed up at Dr. Silence's mansion in Venice. He protests, but Love Glove pins him to the wall. The three then recite a poem which frees Mr. Nobody from the Painting. Mr. Nobody, not feeling particularly thankful to Dr. Silence, removes his mask and shows him his face in Alias the Blur's mirrored surface. Dr. Silence ceases to exist. His cape, all that remains, is then married to the Love Glove by Mr. Nobody.

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