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Dr. Raiin has been working with Drago for years perfecting his procedure for awaking a persons "True Sight", although it very painful and cause many "subhumans". The procedure is to remove the patients entire visual core. The eyes, optical nerve and the sight reception center of the brain.

Major Story Arcs

Broken Promises

Once Drago has caught Deathstroke and Cinder he sends them to Dr. Raiin's lab, and then when Drago turns on Arsenal and Cheshire he sends Arsenal down for the Doctor's procedure. While the doctor is out of the room Arsenal helps Cinder escape and when he returns Cinder attacks him. She threatens him, tell her where Deathstroke and Cheshire are or else. The Doctor quickly tells her, but she burns his arms off any saying "Your butchering days are over, Freak".

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