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Doctor Thaddeus Paine was a brilliant surgeon who fell victim to an accident involving an experimental anesthetic that caused him to permanently lose all ability to feel tactile sensations. Falling prey to the madness of being unable to experience either pain or pleasure, Paine became obsessed with medical freaks and oddities like himself. He began conducting ruthless experiments on his "patients," experiencing a visceral thrill from operating them without anesthesia.


Doctor Paine was created by Len Kaminski and Ron Garney. He first appeared in 1992's Morbius: The Living Vampire #4.

Major Story Arcs

Bad Medicine

Learning of Michael Morbius, the Living Vampire, through a biochemist they both knew, Paine became interested in Morbius' pseudo-vampire state, and sent out his Orderlies to capture him. The Orderlies managed to locate Morbius during a fight between him, Spider-Man, and Simon Stroud. Reeling from a series of tranquilizer darts administered by Stroud, Morbius was unable to prevent the Orderlies from capturing him.

Paine's many suffering patients.

Holding Morbius prisoner, Paine began an in-depth study of his condition. Deprived of blood, Morbius was unable to offer any resistance against Paine and his Orderlies. Paine viewed Morbius as a colleague, admiring Morbius' research that he'd acquired, as well as his relentless drive to survive. Giving Morbius a tour of his facility, Paine forced his captive to watch as he conducted brain surgery on a patient without any anesthesia, eventually killing her in the process while trying to see whether the tumor she had was a new form of life. Already infuriated by Paine's atrocities, Morbius grew only more enraged when Paine revealed that his studies showed that Morbius' disease was not in remission, it was actually still killing him. Morbius used the resulting rush of adrenaline to break free of his restraints and overwhelmed Paine's Orderlies as the mad doctor rushed to safety. Paine escaped Morbius' wrath that night, but Morbius swore that he would bring an end to Paine's horrific experiments.

Powers & Abilities

Unable to feel anything.

Doctor Paine is completely unable to experience any form of tactile sensation, rendering him immune to all forms of physical pain or pleasure - essentially a form of invulnerability - and has cybernetic hands with a multitude of interchangeable surgical tools for the fingertips that he can swap around as his work requires; these tools include scalpels, hooks, saw blades, and drills - all razor sharp. He also possesses a wealth of medical knowledge, especially concerning the human body, that he makes use of for his heinous experiments.

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