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    I met him, fifteen years ago. 
      I was told there was nothing left. 

        No reason, no conscience, 
          no understanding; even the most 
            rudimentary sense of life or death, 
              good or evil, right or wrong. 
                I met this six-year-old child, with 
                  this blank, pale, emotionless face 
                    and, the blackest eyes... the *devil's* eyes. 
                      I spent eight years trying to reach him, 
                        and then another seven trying to keep 
                          him locked up because I realized what 
                            was living behind that boy's eyes was 
                              purely and simply... *evil*.
                                                                       -Dr. Sam Loomis.                

Doctor Loomis in the Halloween franchise

 Dr. Loomis and Michael Myers
Doctor Loomis used to be the psychiatrist of Michael Myers and his biggest foe. 

He first appeared in the original Halloween as a main character  played by Donald Pleasence. Pleasence played him in all the original sequel films and by Malcolm McDowell in the new films by Rob Zombie.

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