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Doctor Horus is a being from another dimension that Superman inadvertently discovers when he uses his x-ray vision and sees a shimmering form appear. As Superman enters he is brought to another dimension and meets Doctor Horus, who tells the Man of Steel that he is a Victorian era scientist that was locked away in his home by his neighbors as a result of his experiments and physical deformity. To save himself Doctor Horus tried to place his body into suspended animation, which in turn drew both the house and Horus's own body into his mind. Horus made the mansion appear so that he could see how the world had turned out but is displeased which in turn had strange effects on those within the house, as after all that time Doctor Horus had still not fully understood the extent of his own powers.

Superman then attempts to fly back to the mansion and rescue those inside but Doctor Horus tries to prevent this by throwing lighting bolts at Superman, as a result Superman crashes into a room in the mansion which contains Batgirl and Caleb Gurk have been in hiding. Superman whisks them away and all three of them end up in the living room of the mansion. Superman sees an interesting huge block of lead in the middle of the room and as he goes to investigate Doctor Horus rips a slash down the middle and comes out. Superman pleas with Doctor Horus to send Batgirl, Caleb Gurk, those partying in the house and himself back to Earth. Doctor Horus is successful in concentrating his powers and the inhabitants of the house and the superheros find themselves back on Earth.


Doctor Horus was created for use in DC Comics by Dennis O'Neil, Joe Staton and Frank Chiaramonte. The characters first appearance is in DC Comics Presents #19 which was released in March of 1980.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Horus is an incredibly intelligent individual capable of discovering a way to suspend his own body in time. He also appears to have at least limited reality warping powers, capable of transporting not only numerous people, but also an entire mansion to a different dimension. The full extent of his abilities is unknown, as even he was unsure how to control or use them fully.

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