Would a Doctor Doom title had been successful way back when?

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What if Black Panther (vol. 4) was never mentioned and made in the year 2005 and
instead TPTB at Marvel announced and produced a Doctor Doom ongoing series
back then?

How many Marvel readers would enjoy having a Doc D title in
comic stories or shops before and during it's released?

Could Doc Doom gain higher status as a Marvel
character during his title's production or not?

Will Marvel capitized on Doc Doom title's success (if the comic even gains enough
success after it's been released) or not?

If they do, how would they do it? If they don't, why?

Would the ongoing title continue to this everyday or not?

And finally, would you ever read that comic book if it existed back then?    

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How does Doom gain higher status than he already has? He's freaking DOOM!
Would it have worked as an ongoing? Doubt it.

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