Off My Mind: The Fate of Doctor Doom

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@kingjoeg said:

@DEGRAAF: Yes he has two gauntlets you can see in the picture and the comic. The Reeds didn't kill their Dooms. They put collars on them which destroyed their higher brain functions and placed them all in a chamber beneath the council of Reeds building, it says back in issue 571.

cool. thanks i will have to reread that

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I miss Doom 2099

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@Deadcool said:

Everythinh Hickman has done in The Ultimates and FF/Fantastic Four has been wonderful.

I am so damn happy.

pretty much this

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I love Doom but sometimes I have to wonder if he's tendency to actually have godlike abilities and then promptly lose them diminishes him as a true threat. It comes to the point where he's really just a nuisance and merely one of the many other villians. I hope he can maintain this IG long enough to do something truly memorable and unique.

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This article makes me want to write something about Nabu's death in Infinite Crisis and title it "The Doom of Doctor Fate"

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Im Reading the series right now

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Soooo was this ever picked up on again?

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