How powerful is Dr. Doom's Magic?

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How Powerful is Current Dooms magic? Can you provide me scans of what he did with magic?
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I'd say hes a few notches beneath Dr strange in all round ability's but i don't know issues but i know he had a good magic fight with Morgan Le Fayduring dark reign . 
& shes said to be pretty powerful .

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In Matt Millar's run on Fantastic Four he was torn limb from limb by megalodons and was kept alive by pure hatred. He then spent at least two million years mastering the dark arts and rebuilt his body at a molecular level. That's pretty hardcore. 
Kinda reminds me of Darth Sion, actually.

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Of course, some think that Millar's weird Doom stuff should be ignored or retconned. Books of Doom is probably the best take on his origins.
As for Doom's magic, I always find that to be a bit of overkill. Couldn't he construct his suit to do things just as powerful with... science? (Don't tell him I said that though.)
Doom rules!

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he has the  potential to be the most powerful  sorcerer ever

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