How much of a threat is Dr Doom in a fight... without prep?

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As the title says. Any and all help is appreciated. Ideas on who he could beat, what his power level is, etc would be great :)

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He'd give Iron Man a great fight.

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As much as who ever is writing him wants him to be.

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about iron man level, maybe a bit below Iron Man

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Quite a threat actually, at first he only had minor mystical abilities but after training from his lover he became even more dangerous, being able to summon hordes of demons, energy shields, and energy projection. He once killed a lion with his bare hands, no armor or anything, but in comicbook world almost every superhero and there sidekick's dog can do that... He has also shown some great mind strength as he resisted mind control from the Purple Man.

With his suit on he has also when toe-to-toe with Spider-man, taken blows from Iron-Man, and if he so wishes he can generate a lethal electrical shock to anyone who comes in contact with his suit.

Most of this I learned from Wikipedia if you want to check for yourself...

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