Fan of Doctor Doom? if interested in buying Collection.

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Hey everyone I am not sure about comicvines rules on this but I would like to sell my Doctor Doom collection and would prefer not to use EBay or Craigslist.. If I'm breaking any rules I apologize just lock the thread. I have these books is pristine like, new condition and all but 1 are hard copy. I'd like to sell them together but I could sell them separately if you really wanted just 1 or 2.

The books I have for sale:

2 comics in slipcover a in mint condition. Both are "What Ifs" fearing Doom. "What If? Secret Wars" (Doom with Beyonder power and Infinity Guantlet) and "What if? Doom was the Sorcerer Supreme" I'll sell these together for $10 (including shipping).

Fantastic Four: Unthinkable (paperback) this was was hard to find but is in perfect condition with no spinal wear. $35

Fantastic Four: Master of Doom (hardcover) in mint condition. Comes with original foldcover. $25

Books of Doom (hardcover) comes with original foldcover in mint condition. $30

Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment (hardcover) in mint condition with original foldcover. $50

I will sell them all for $150 (free shipping PayPal only)

If anyone is interested please contact me via Private Message. I will send you my number to text and I will send pictures of the Books so you're certain. I have a Paypal account and would mail everything USPS firstclass unless you prefer something else (which you'd pay $$$). Thank you for your time.

The ONLY reason I'm using comicvine as an avenue to sell is I know many on this website would appreciate and/or collect them. I apologize to Staff or Moderators if this is inappropriate it is just a means of communication. I have no intention of disrespecting the site or disregarding its rules.

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