Dr. Doom is the Closest Marvel's Counterpart to Batman

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-This is a repost from topic started last week on the Batman forum...Wanted to see what responses would be on the Doom Forum
It just dawned on me that Dr. Doom is the closest marvel counterpart to to Batman. So I know this needs some explanation. So here's why.

  1. Both are geniuses
  2. Both are determined to the point of obsession
  3. Both always have contingency plan after contingency plan ( planning I think is both of these characters main "power")
  4. Both have names and presence that strikes fear in those who encounter them
  5. Both have have taken on gods fearlessly ( Beyonder, and Darkeseid)
  6. Both use gadgets and inventions to even the playing ground
  7. So although planning and strategizing ,I believe is both their main power, both are masters of their of peripheral Arts that aide them in their cause( Batman martial arts and Doctor Doom Sorcery)
  8. Both are somewhat regal
  9. Both rule in Machevelian fashion
Now to solidify my point... What about other popular choices for batman marvel counterparts? why not consider them the closest?
  1. Punisher- I gotta admit I've always thought of him as a very close counterpart due to family dying and obssessive vengeance seeking and all. But although frank does present some flashes of cleverness, The most constant I've seen him approach villains is straight up attack attack attack. And if that fails attack some more. He is too straight forward. Too reliant on fire power
  2. Daredevil-  Too goody. Not regal. I don't think he has much presence in the marvel universe. He is a blue collar street level hero
  3. Captain America.   When it comes to martial arts and fitness steve and bruce are def counterparts. Cap definitely has a presence and has taken on cosmic threats kinda like bruce. But the presence that Cap gives is not fear or dread like batman its more like hope and goodness...Kinda like superman
  4. Iron Man- both are millionaires. Both are geniuses. But Tony's genius is not in planning its in making more powerful and efficient suits.
Let me know if you think of other connections...or of if you think this theory is unsound
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@adamrolls: That's funny.

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