Dr Doom in D&D 3.5

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Hey folks,
For any of you D&D players out there, how would you go about making a Dr. Doom based character in D&D? 
Its tough to mix an armour user with using magic, without putting all your feats towards it (costs a crap load of feats to get Arcane Armour (Heavy)). So what do you folks thing?
I put up a thread on the D&D boards, for their opinion, will gladly share what they suggest with you folks.

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That's funny I was just about to do the same thing, so if you have found any useful ideas please post them. Oh except I am going to do it it in 4th edition.

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Why in god's name would you want to play 4th edition, it is a horrid mess. Pathfinder is the way to go.

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