Doom Vs Marvel

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Okay, so Doom is probably the most broken thing to every hit a comic book (Except Squirrel Girl).

My question is as follows:
Who actually could defeat Doom in Marvel? Lets say Doom has a year prep time before the fight, with complete access to all his sorcery and tech (as he normally does whenever he decides to appear). Ignoring his losses in the past against those he has actually already lost too (I mean come on, the FF aren't actually a real threat to Doom).

For those who are unaware of the beast that is Doom, here's a respect thread that just shows you why anyone who fights Doom is, well, not even worthy:

Hail Doom!

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Will the target also have a year prep?

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@drdoombot99: well considering the first rule of all these forums is comic feats are law, then the FF wins again.

I'm just sayin'

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This forum needs more respect threads.

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