Does Dr. Doom have any real powers?

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So I've been reading a lot of the Ultimate Fantastic Four lately...  and there is one thing I don't understand.. 
Does Doom actually have any powers or is he just a tech genius?

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I think Ultimate Doom is suppose to be a tech genuis who is smarter than Reed Richards. I don't read too much of it but that's what I got from it. Basically an evil Reed Richards.  

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Ultimate Doom has actual powers that after his initial story arc were ignored to make him an exact duplicate of his Earth 616 version.

Powers included:
Poisonous gas breath - his insides were converted into a gas he could spew. 
Super dense organic metallic body - as dense or denser than the Thing's rock hide.
Sharp projectile spikes - razor sharp spikes that can be shot out from the super dense dermis. 

Doom's body was altered, like the FF, through the super positioner transportation gate accident. He gained all those abilities and some sharp claws and goat like hooves. He and Reed were partners in the Baxter Building Think Tank and he actually helped with Reed's transportation project. SUPPOSEDLY according to Reed, Doom changed the super positioning codes. This was all changed by his next appearance with him becoming 616 Doom, wielding magic and having an unnecessary suit of armor on. Eventually his head was crushed by the Thing which made even less sense. Oh and now Reed is the new Doom so yay?
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that about covers it
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Dr. Doom is one of the most brilliant men of the Marvel Universe.  He's an extremely gifted Sorcerer and inventor.  The Ultimate Doom (Victor von Damme) is more like the Doom from the FF movies.  The original Dr. Doom was more devious.  His armor rivals that of Iron Man's and He has on several occasions stumped Reed Richards yet has never been able to kill him.

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Doom is an uber-genius and one of the top 5 sorcerors on Earth. Those good enough?

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