Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch

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their getting married!! ;O

#2 Posted by Donnieman v5.1 (44323 posts) - - Show Bio

Whoa whoa, really? Hmmm, that's kinda awesome.

#3 Posted by PumpkinBomb (493 posts) - - Show Bio

If they had a kid, he/she would be the most genetically badass person in the universe.

#4 Posted by thegreatfour (12967 posts) - - Show Bio

Yay! my favorite villain

#5 Posted by DMC (1551 posts) - - Show Bio

oh man Marvel HAS to go through with this. I can smell the next BIG EVENT already!! ^_^

#6 Posted by crimsonspider89 (817 posts) - - Show Bio

I know this is so awesome. Hoping sometime in the upcoming issues Doom beats the living crap out of Logan when he shows up.

#7 Posted by N7_Normandy (2430 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers the Childen's Crusade has been so ridiculously good thus far.  It's almost criminal that it's bi-monthly.

#8 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23334 posts) - - Show Bio

As much as I love Doom being an psychotic and evil badass, you know what would make this better? If he actually did love her. 
Doom rules, so no matter what happens, someone is going to get owned.

#9 Posted by rogue_mar1e (19833 posts) - - Show Bio

OMG awesomee :D

#10 Posted by N7_Normandy (2430 posts) - - Show Bio

now we must incur another two torturous months before reading the next issue

#11 Posted by saiyan_earthling (5477 posts) - - Show Bio

That'd be one dangerous couple to mess with

#12 Posted by lord_oraculous016 (9282 posts) - - Show Bio

Marvel's new power couple.. Black Panther and Storm, stand back.. lol

#13 Posted by Jake Fury (19126 posts) - - Show Bio

This series reeks of pure comic awesomeness.
#14 Posted by N7_Normandy (2430 posts) - - Show Bio
@saiyan_earthling said:
" That'd be one dangerous couple to mess with "
can't wait to see what they can do in a fight together
#15 Posted by thatlad (596 posts) - - Show Bio
@N7_Normandy said:
" Avengers the Childen's Crusade has been so ridiculously good thus far.  It's almost criminal that it's bi-monthly. "
You took the words right out of my mouth
#16 Posted by sandman813 (104 posts) - - Show Bio
@Charmix said:
"their getting married!! ;O



Ok I didn't see that coming.
#17 Edited by N7_Normandy (2430 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, it seems Wanda is at least in control of her powers, for now.  Perhaps Doom has the means to temper them?  Or maybe it's just a product of a mind at peace, since she appears to have been mindwiped/brainwashed

#18 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (84704 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved this issue. Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Doom as a couple is actually pretty interesting. Looking forward to seeing what happens (and what Magneto will do about it)

#19 Posted by Gold Dust Boi (516 posts) - - Show Bio
@N7_Normandy said:
" Avengers the Childen's Crusade has been so ridiculously good thus far.  It's almost criminal that it's bi-monthly. "
Yeah i agree...this book has been amazing! I cant believe its only bi-monthly.  Ive been waiting for the Scarlet Witch to come back forever and I am so excited.  And has anyone thought to ask this question..."Did Hawkeye have sex with the Wanda-shaped robot over in New Avengers back in issue #26 or was that Wanda herself and Doom pulled her out of there and replaces her with a robot after Beast and Hawkeye found her?
#20 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (13591 posts) - - Show Bio

#21 Posted by FunnyStuff707 (179 posts) - - Show Bio

I suddenly need to buy every issue of this series.

#22 Posted by Talia Taxapora (29 posts) - - Show Bio
@Gambler said:
 (and what Magneto will do about it) "
Probably what i'm more excited to see.
#23 Posted by DEGRAAF (7904 posts) - - Show Bio

I think this is awesome. I dont normally like team books let alone teen super hero team books by marvel, but this is one of my favorite comics.  
I thikn they make an awesome pairing and i wish they would stay together and have a kid but from the looks of it, she is mind wiped, doesnt know she has powers, and has been lied too so i cant see this ending good for Doom. 
There kid would be more kick ass or the perfect rival for Hyperstorm (Jonathon Reed Richards), son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers.

#24 Posted by Supermanwithatan01 (3896 posts) - - Show Bio

Soo what happened? I heard Doom has Scarlet Witches powers added to his own? How'd that happen and whats next?
#25 Posted by BlackArmor (6149 posts) - - Show Bio

Most Awesome, Honey Moon, Night, EVER all of Latveria shall be leveld by the passion, th passion of doom

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