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Scientist who thought Cyberdata discoveries and advancements in blending metal with skin would change the world. That would mean the end for handicaps, caused by missing limbs. He for a long time didn't want to admit to himself that Cyberdata's plans were evil. He even designed the brainbox, hoping it would be used for something good. When one day Stryker was brought to hospital with severe injuries, and the regular doctor was not available, he made a decision to help that man. During the surgery he discovered the brainbox in his brain, he removed it and left the building, hinting to several S.H.O.C.s that they needed to hear what he has to say, outside of Cyberdata hearing range. He then created an underground movement to fight against Cyberdata and it consisted with ex-S.H.O.C.s, it was called Cyber Force.

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