Is Doc Savage actually owned by DC?

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Is Doc Savage actually owned by DC or merely licenced?

#2 Posted by arnoldoaad (1007 posts) - - Show Bio

Isnt he Public Domain?

I think so cause there is a web page with free public domain comics and there is a huge collection of Doc Savage in there

but im pretty sure he is not owned by DC

#3 Posted by HammerTron (640 posts) - - Show Bio

That would be wonderful. Doc Savage could be used in all kinds of situations and stories in that case.

#4 Posted by lokiofmidgaard (311 posts) - - Show Bio

He's not owned by DC, but nor is he public domain yet. Dan Didio posted last month that DC had lost the license - if he was public domain, then there would be no license to lose.

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