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Doc Noble began his super genesis crimefighting life in college. As he got older he chose fully operate as a public super hero. He would even build Noble Industries using his devices. Soon he met Gaia and after there marriage her media skills increased Noble Industries publicity considerably.

His Family


The two would start a family together that join in the parents heroic deeds. Their two sons Race and Rusty and the youngest daughter Zephyr as well as Gaia’s son Frost. However Doc spent allot of time in his lab and his robotic helper Icarus felt more like his son than the others. He even became jealous of the others and attempted to kill his “siblings”, but the family banded together to stop him and Doc ended up destroying Icarus.


Some time later a man obsessed with Gaia   named Steven Dockerty switched body’s with Doc. Doc was trapped in Dockerty’s body which was in a mental asylum however Doc was able to escape and regain his body, but discovered that Steven made Gaia feel better than Doc had and this made him better his treatment of his family.


At some point Gaia created and released a monster on the city in an attempt to increase the family’s publicity, but the most was more powerful than she had expected and it although defeated many deaths were caused by it’s release. However only Race’s wife Liz knew the truth and she removed her memory in an attempt to hide the truth. Doc attempted to return her memory, but Gaia kept getting in the way eventually the truth was exposed and despite Gaia attempting to go to prison to make up for it the two divorced. Five years later Doc has married a new wife Olympia and has adopted her two children. The family is now more proactive and fight world wide threats from a hidden location in the South Pacific.


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