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Doc Marvel is a kind of spiritual doctor, who believes in the occult. He moves from town to town to present his shows. Harry Diamond rather ridiculed the Doc during a presentation, unveilling one of his tricks in front of everyone. Diamond has the impression of knowing this person.  

Later we learn that he has been a serious scientist, who worked with the Commodore Faraday among others. He's convinced that the human brain is hardly used. He believes that very few people are able to use the power embedded in the unused portion of the brain. 
He has spent the last 15 years of his life travelling the country to give his shows (its an entertainer) but to discover paranormal people.  He dreams of opening an institute to study and develop these powers.

Charlie Starrett is the person with the greatest potential he has never met and he tries to help him believe in him, in his strength. He has once mesmerized Charlie before facing Kronons.  
It's possible to believe that Doc Marvel is responsible for the emergence of the Captain Paragon.

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