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As recorded by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein: A New Prometheus, the Monster and Victor Frankenstein meet their end near the North Pole, or so the world thinks.

In reality the monster survives and regains new hope in life when after saving an Inuit girl from a Yeti and returning her to her family the family instead of reacting in the way the Monster is accustomed to thanks him for his aid and accepts him into their village.

Deciding to give the human race one more try he goes to where he thinks he has perhaps the best chance of fitting in, America.

Taking the name of Frankenstein, as Victor at least owes him that, he works as a bounty hunter in the West, earns a number of doctorates, participates in the Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925, World War II, Roe v. Wade, and fights werewolves.

By the beginning of the 21st century he is a well know figure who is the go to person when monsters and other fantastic menaces threaten the world, and one of the most prominent liberals the world has ever known, as such he has many enemies he has to deal with other than just uncanny creatures from beyond.


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