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As Matty Roth covers the battles on the ground, old allies and enemies resurface and Matty must prove that after all he's been through that he is a changed man. Will the choices he makes reflect this? Collecting issues #60-66 of the acclaimed series!

Back Blurb

"The Free States of America, Brother. A new government by the people, for the people, right? Are you with us?"

As the war enters its final weeks and days, Matty Roth is given an unbelievable second chance, a golden opportunity to report once again from the DMZ, not as a network lackey but as an unbiased observer for the court of world opinion, to ensure both sides stay honest. He is given total access, total freedom, and is determined to do right by the city where he once failed miserably. Along the way he finally gets to the bottom of the "Where's Parco Delgado" mystery and is faced with the harsh reality of picking the lesser of two evils to help bring about true peace.

This volume also includes the two-part prequel story detailing one history of the formation of the Free States of America, illustrated by Shawn Martinbrough.

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