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Matty makes a call from a pay phone to his friend Jamal, asking for some help in dealing with Amina. Amina overhears the conversation and becomes angry. Jamal comes out to see Matty and updates him on the situation, letting him know that Trustwell has been acting as if they have free reign to do as they please in the DMZ. Jamal asks about Amina and Matty lies and tells him that she's an important source for his story. Jamal says he can take care of her for about a week, but no longer. Amina emerges from a room with one of Jamal's friends, sporting newly cropped hair. Matty sends Amina off with Jamal. On his way out, Jamal tells Matty that Zee says "Hi."

Scenes of violence erupting in the streets of the DMZ between the now unchecked powers of the Trustwell Corporation and the residents of the DMZ are shown while experts and pundits on a news show discuss the implications of Trustwell being the only security force residing in the DMZ.

Matty goes to a subway to meet the Free States Army commander who he met during the Viktor Ferguson situation. Matty has called in a favor he felt the commander owed him, and the commander introduces him to a man named Danzinger. Danzinger is a double agent, a member of the Free States Army while working for Trustwell. Matty and Danzinger discuss the situation at hand, that Trustwell is funding amateur terrorists to create damages so that Trustwell will continue to get reconstruction contracts. Danzinger's comments are all strictly off the record, so Matty needs more verification.

Matty calls Kelly on his cell phone. This is the first time he's talked to a friend in weeks, so he tells her everything that has happened. Later that night, Matty is attacked by a knife wielding Trustwell terrorist. The two wrestle, and Matty is wounded, but in the end he manages to stab his assailant with the man's own knife and end the attack.

Matty tries to figure out how they found him and realizes that his phone has been tapped. He then remembers that he told Kelly about Jamal and Amina and so their lives are now in danger as well. Matty runs from the building.







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