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I never liked comic book film adaptations. Even of the movies I loved. They have tendency for being cheap reproductions of greatness... This is clearly not the case with 'Django Unchained' a book adopted from the screenplay by Quentin Tarantino himself. Quentin writes a comic! Let's be honest it doesn't get better then that!

If (I can't believe I said it) you know Tarantino movies, or read his scripts, you know even before you start, that you are here for a treat. All the greatness of the master's dialog skills awaits for you in the issue. Story and characters are incredible. The main persona, a dentist and a bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz, is a bad ass you do not wan't to fcuk with. Well educated, outspoken and a brilliant strategist is written in a way you can not to feel anything else but to like him. Django, who we meet enslaved on the first page of the book, is also brilliantly written. He is living in the world that none would like to live in. He knows what he wants and he just found the way how to get it. And he is going about it in style.

Creators decision of making a book that can stay on it's own, away from the movie, was a first class. Characters drawn by R.M Guera are not a like the actors playing them on the screen. The style of art with its roughness is adequate to the story it is illustrating.

I really can't find a fault in this issue.

From the promotional point of view it was a great decision to release the first issue just before 'Django Unchained' hits the cinema in US. After reading the comic I just can't wait for the movie here in the UK. First issue sets the story and introduce the main characters but does not give away too much of the entire plot. Masterpiece of planning!

I would love for Quentin to write more comics in his spare time. He is great at it. Who knows maybe this short adventure will seed the need for doing so?


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