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Well...I dont know what tell

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It sucks that he was depowered as a result of M-Day and killed in Stryker's attack on the institute. His powers were really original and he had LOADS of potential.

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Post Deleted.

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Ummm ya, DJ could have been one of my favorites if he was further explored and his powers were shown. I wish he survived, it would have made for a really cool character.

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was he seen using his powers at all?

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I haven't seen anything other than pictures of him with his headphones on

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anyone up for bringing him back one way or another? He seems like a REALLY underused character.

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could eli bard revive the dead mutants on campus?

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No.  He'd have no reason to.  Also, since Kyle & Yost are responsible for killing off the majority of New X-Men, it's unlikely that they would write a story to bring them back.

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good to know :D

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Serious what a silly power. Powers based on different types of music. Hahaha

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