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DJ Molecule is a metahuman who worked as a body guard for a powerful drug lord named Elijah, who uses the bodies of kidnapped children to create an addictive drug called Bliss. After Deathstroke and his team of Titans accept a contract to rescue one of the kidnapped children, they kill Elijah and shut down his operation. Deathstroke then ties up DJ Molecule and takes him back to the team's base of operations, revealing that his only reason for accepting this job was to capture him. It is later revealed that Deathstroke and Dr. Sivana needed his body as a power source for a healing invention called the "Methuselah Device", which they use to heal Deathstroke's dying son, Jericho. When Deathstroke offers the team the opportunity to use the Methuselah to revive their deceased loved ones, Cinder and Roy Harper are the only ones to object. After being released by Roy, DJ Molecule immediately attacks Deathstroke. Cinder manages to destroy the machine, causing a massive explosion. It is unknown whether or not DJ Molecule escaped from the explosion.

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