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Divine is a genetically engineered female created by Doctor Sivana at the behest of Maxwell Lord, using the DNA of the Kryptonian heroine Power Girl. Power Girl first encountered Divine as a mysterious masked assailant in Antarctica. Power Girl fought back and was able to unmask her attacker, but was shocked to find herself face-to-face with a girl who was almost identical to herself. The exception to this is that Divine has black hair rather than blonde (but this was at the request of Max Lord). The two came to blows again, but being evenly matched, neither combatant was able to gain an advantage over the other.

Divine battles Power Girl

During the course of the fight, Power Girl was knocked into the underground lab where Divine was developed. The pair came across several flawed clones during their scuffle. The fight continued there until Maxwell Lord intervened by using a specialized gun that fired rays of red sun energy, knocking out Power Girl and leaving Divine dazed. Maxwell, Crash, and Divine then teleported out of the lab before Power Girl came to, at which point Power Girl finally remembered who Maxwell Lord was and how he had murdered the Blue Beetle ( Ted Kord), as Max had mind wiped himself out of existence to all but the current JLI.

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