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It's the final stand for Max and his allies as they face their enemies in the Hollow Realm. Plus, the traitor is revealed!

Christie Blaze continues to tell the heads of I.O. her story concerning Max Faraday.

Lord Acheron and The Rath have caught up with Max and company. Acheron tells Faraday that Lazarus has ordered The Rath to kill them all. But Tobruk steps in and engages his brother, Acheron, in combat. Brande tells Max to teleport to Susanna once again. But Blaze doesn't want Max out of her sight and grabs onto Max as he teleports.

Max and Blaze arrive at Lazarus' castle and are confronted by Lazarus and Jesthra. Blaze begins to question if Max is losing it as he kills Jesthra. But Cassandra arrives with the captured Susanna causing Max to stand down.

But Cassandra kills Susanna anyway, causing Max to unleash a wave of power that takes out all The Rath that are fighting his friends. Max grabs Cassandra and drains her life energy to give it to Susanna. Max is relieved as Susanna opens her eyes and see her savior. Max intends to kill Lazarus but Susanna tells him not to. Lazarus tries to take advantage of Max's hesitation but Blaze beats him to the punch by putting a bullet in Lazarus.

Blaze finishes her debriefing by telling Ivana Baiul and the rest of I.O. that Operation Divine Right is closed. But despite being pleased with this, Ivana orders that she and Lynch be detained. It's then that Max teleports Blaze and Lynch away...

...with Max and the others to a beach front location. Max is relieved that he and Susanna can be together and free of all that has recently transpired. The Fallen leave as do Lynch, Fairchild, and Blaze. Max and Susanna prepare to live happily ever after...for now.

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